Anise Claey's Candies
Donation - Annual Fund
General Admission Child (less than 2 years of age)
General Admission Adult (ages 13 to 59)
General Admission Child (ages 2 to 12)
General Admission Senior (ages 60 and older)
Member Adult Admission (ages 13 and older)
Member Child Admission (ages 12 and younger)
LHF Family
LHF Family Plus
LHF Grandparent
LHF Grandparent Plus
LHF Individual Plus
LHF & BPZ Family
LHF & BPZ Family Plus
LHF & BPZ Grandparent
LHF & BPZ Grandparent Plus
LHF & BPZ Individual Plus
LHF & SCI Family
LHF & SCI Family Plus
LHF & SCI Grandparent
LHF & SCI GrandparentPlus
LHF & SCI Individual Plus
Tri Family
Tri Family Plus
Tri Grandparent
Tri Grandparent Plus
Tri Individual Plus
Barnyard Readers - Non-Member
Barnyard Readers - Member
Member- Tangen Dinner Table of 8
Member- Eats & Treats Table of 8
Non-Member- Eats & Treats Table of 8
Historic Skills Sampler Class- Non-member
Historic Skills Sampler Class- Member
Historic Skills- Printing- Non-Member
Historic Skills- Printing- Member
Historic Skills- Cooking- Member
Historic Skills- Cooking- Non-Member
Historic Skills- Non-Member
Historic Skills- Member
Historic Skills- Blacksmithing- Member
Historic Skills- Blacksmithing- Non-Member
Non-Member- Tangen Dinner Table of 8
Member- 1900 Dinner Table of 8
Non-Member- 1900 Dinner Table of 8
Special Events - Child Under 2
Halloween- Member
Halloween- Non-Member
Non-Member Winter Break Camp
Member Winter Break Camp
Member - Family Camp
Non-Member - Family Camp
Historic Skills Sampler Class 2 hr- Non-member
Historic Skills Sampler Class 2 hr- Member
Learn Together 2 hr.- Member
Learn Together 2 hr.- Non-member
Learn Together 3 hr.- Member
Learn Together 3 hr.- Non-member
Member - Extended Care
Non-Member - Extended Care
Member - Extended Care 4 Day
Non-Member - Extended Care 4 Day
Member - Full Day Camp
Non-Member - Full Day Camp
Member - Full 4 Day Camp
Non-Member - Full 4 Day Camp
Member - Half Day Camp
Non-Member - Half Day Camp
Member - Half 4 Day Camp
Non-Member - Half 4 Day Camp
Easter- Member
Easter - Non-Member
Historic Skills- Horses- Non-Member
Historic Skills- Horses-Member
Non-Member - 1900 Dinner
Member - 1900 Dinner
Summer Barnyard Readers - Member Adult
Summer Barnyard Readers - Non-Member Adult
Summer Barnyard Readers - Member Child
Summer Barnyard Readers - Non-Member Child
Homeschool Day - Adult
Homeschool Day - Child (2-12)
Non-Member - Flynn High Style Coursed Meal
Member - Flynn High Style Coursed Meal
Member - Flynn Harvest Home Dinner
Non-Member - Flynn Harvest Home Dinner
Member - Flynn Tea
Non-Member - Flynn Tea
Member - Triskaideka Dinner
Non-Member - Triskaideka Dinner
Blacksmithing Basics - Member
Blacksmithing Basics - Non-Member
Blacksmithing w Teens - Member
Blacksmithing w Teens - Non-Member
Blacksmithing Camp Tripod - Member
Blacksmithing Camp Tripod - Non-Member
Blacksmithing Items for the Home - Member
Blacksmithing Items for the Home - Non-Member
Blacksmithing Boot Scraper - Member
Blacksmithing Boot Scraper - Non-Member